Disinfection & Sanitization

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Disinfection and Sanitization

To keep your home and surrounding clean, neat, and free from viruses and bacteria, cleaning the floor and surface with just water and soap is not enough. This won’t kill the harmful germs, so disinfecting and sanitizing the floor is very important. JEYES provide Disinfection Services Dubai and sanitizing services for homes, offices, and other places. Our staff is professionally trained in Sanitizing Services Dubai to provide the hygiene, health, and safety measures issued by the government. There is a lot of difference between cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning just removes the dust and dirt, but Disinfection Services Dubai lowers the number of germs to a safer level.

Our Sanitization Services Dubai kills 100 percent of germs, this includes both bacteria and viruses. It is safe to sanitize surfaces if they have not been exposed to bacteria that could be harmful. Then you should disinfect areas with high touch points, such as doorknobs, switches, toilets, and sinks that have harmful bacteria. Sanitizing and Disinfection Services Dubai are crucial steps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and illnesses.

Disinfecting the surface is important in infection control procedures. Disinfection starts with cleaning all the soil with a cleaner. After removing all the dirt disinfectant chemicals are sprayed and wiped. We always follow the original instruction prior to disinfecting. A well-method disinfection approach involves
regularly changing the disinfectant solution between rooms or floors of the facility when mopping.

Sanitization Services Dubai reduces the bacteria on the surface by 99% within 30 seconds of food contact. The goal of sanitization is to reduce germs to a safer level. It is important to clean the visible debris and dirt using good sanitizers. Some common applications of sanitizers include,

  • Well-Method Sanitization

Here a bucket is filled with sanitizing solutions and clean the surface using a microfiber or cotton cloth.

  • Three-Sink cleaning and sanitization

This is for kitchen applications, where the third sink is filled with sanitizing solutions and all the glassware and utensils are dipped into the sink and then dried.

Specific industries and surfaces are at risk of acquiring more communicable diseases like education, healthcare, and hospitals. Most of these industries have their own specific regulations for sanitization and disinfection. For the purpose of preventing the spread of infectious diseases within any facility, high-touch or high-traffic areas should be cleaned and disinfected more frequently, including but not limited to:

  • Doorknobs & door handles
  • Faucets
  • Handrails
  • Light switches

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