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Steam Cleaning Service

Steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly technique that meets all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial cleaning tasks. This is a powerful and nontoxic method to disinfect and sanitize the surface in no time. JEYES, Steam Cleaning in Dubai helps you and your family enjoy a spotless and clean home. Steam kills almost 99% of viruses and bacteria and gives you the highest standard of hygiene and healthy living. In this method, steam is used to clean the whole area. This includes domestic applications like cleaning floors and removing household dirt and industrial uses like removing dirt and greases from engines.

Why Steam Cleaning is Better?

Steam Cleaning in Dubai is better for people suffering from any allergy or any respiratory condition like asthma, bronchitis, etc. the main benefit of steam cleaning is that it removes dust mites and waste, thus helping to reduce allergies like nasal discomfort, breathing difficulties, and itchy eyes. It also has other benefits like,
  • Reducing the usage of chemicals
  • Lowers allergic disease compared to other methods
  • Eco-friendly cleaning solution
  • Helps in reducing water consumption

JEYES provides Steam Cleaning in Dubai that can be applied on surfaces like sealed tile, hardwood floors, sinks, tubs, grout, countertops, mattresses, carpets, showers, grills, glass, and much more. Adaptability is what makes the steam cleaning process more acceptable to disinfectant surfaces and helps to remove sedimented dirt and grime.

Steam cleaning leaves no toxic residues on the floor and won’t stain any clothes. With JEYES, it is only full steam ahead, whether it is your bathroom, bedroom, kids room, kitchen, doors, etc. If your home is clean, you can be assured that you are living in a safe environment. In order to make your home and business safe, sustainable, and healthy, we use the most advanced eco-friendly technologies to provide safe, sustainable, and healthy living solutions for all areas. It is our goal to always raise the office client standard, and that is why many of them stick with us for a long time!

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